Some of our competitors offer a selection of case studies to present their work and skill set but fail to discuss the project costs. We feel that is not very helpful. The work may look sound as you would not showcase a poor project, but if you have no idea of cost you could be wasting your time with site visits only to be disappointed later as the price is prohibitive.

At Bespoke Design our we believe in transparent pricing, so we feel it will help to see some case studies which offer a price guide for the super structure.

The reason we have excluded building works and electrics is to help with project pricing. Construction work for any extension can vary a great deal due the prevailing ground conditions drain run complications and structural knock throughs to name just a small selection of building work variables that dramatically affect price.

As a simple guide building works on average would add 30% to any project without complexities plus VAT.

On this basis with our case studies you will not only be able to see our projects but get a feel as to where we sit on price so as you can decide as to whether we fit with your budget guide lines which will save everyone time. To us this makes more sense.


Orangery listed building

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