Orangeries date back to the 17th century and were provided as a luxury extension and designed in the main for elegant fashionable residences for growing orangeries and many other exotic plants which needed to be protected from the winter climate.

The orangery initially came from the Renaissance gardens of Italy. The elegant orangery image on the right was built in 1760 in Moscow and is an excellent example of a glazed orangery from that time. In that time an orangery was a symbol of prestige and wealth as the above image clearly demonstrates.

In the early part of the 21st century an orangery became the main choice for the more affluent purchasers of home extensions and today the orangery is the number one luxury home extension for the more affluent home owner.

To the left is a timber orangery interior image for one of our customers created to suit a prestigious home in the South East of England which shows two glazed lanterns due to the size of the structure which is 18 metres long and 6 metres deep.

To the right is another orangery image of a timber orangery structure recently build by Bespoke Design in the summer of 2017 to create extra living space for a family extension on the Six Bells Restaurant in Witham On The Hill Lincolnshire.

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